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Generative Design - Case Study 3 - Master Planning for Constrained Sites

For our third case study, we focussed on master planning for constrained sites, looking at limited access and circulation, and working within a constrained timeframe. We wanted to demonstrate what can be provided within a 48 hour period.

Our brief was:

• Maximise the building density for the site offering mixed use, B1, B2, B8 building types.

Minimum building area of 8,362sqm.

• Maximise Building Density, aim for 50%.

• Minimise Road Area.

Outputs to be provided within 48 hours of commencement

Below is a video showing some of the outputs created.

Our team developed their scripts to set key parameters for the computer to follow.

Taking into account the entry point(s), the different areas in which each building could be located are defined .

Then the script will consider an offset from the boundary (6m), and generate a range of possibilities (100 to 10.000 options).

The possibilities for each side will then be filtered by:

  • Minimum Building Width = 25m

  • Maximise the building density for the site offering mixed-use, B1, B2, B8 building types.

  • The centre of the Main Façade must be at least 26m from the boundary.

Parking compliance:

  • The script will analyse the areas around buildings and organize them into two groups.

1. Potential Surfaced Area:

  • If the area can be connected to any entrance point with a minimum access width.

  • Potential Surface Area must be superior to the Parking Requirements (based on the Net area of each option).

2. Landscape:

  • If an area can’t be connected to an entrance point.

The options are then sorted based on Net Area.

The first option is the one that passes all the filters, with its net area is superior to the rest of the options.

Option Evaluation

From the outputs, we selected the top 30 most suitable options looking at their building area.

We then focussed on five different options, and prioritised the development parameters.

Using the prioritised development parameters we were able to select the most suitable option for the site.

Model Refinement & Model Integration

Once a favoured option is selected, the architect applies a detailed design definition and exports the volumetric model into a simple visualisation package.

Rendered Outputs

Model Fly Through:

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