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Use Class B Master Planning

We have developed an appraisal tool which assists the early stage masterplanning of industrial and commercial sites, and will benefit users across the industry.

The tool unlocks maximum site value by ensuring that all viable options for given briefing parameters are explored, and the optimum option chosen.

Full cost appraisals are made available, and changes can be effected in real time enabling swift comparison of options. We are offering Mosaic-i on a consultancy basis looking to work with industry professional to enhance your capabilities and outputs.

Mosaic-i - Industrial Master Planning Outputs
Mosaic-i - Industrial Master Planning Outpit - Worked up output

Having spent the last couple of years developing and testing Mosaic-i on live sites we have been able to develop the software to optimise solutions for professionals working across the logistics real estate sector.

For more information on Mosaic-i, please feel free to download our brochure or arrange to have a call and demonstration with our team by emailing Adrian Short at

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