Digital Studio

As a design practice we are keen to harness the opportunities of emerging technologies, and develop our working methods. Through the development of computational modelling tools we are enhancing our capabilities, making our service to our clients attractive and innovative, and ensuring that we are instrumental in the technological advances being made in the design and construction industry.

We are currently developing various unique software tools, with others to follow. For more information on our consultancy offering please contact George Taylor at

Use Class B Master Planning

We have developed an appraisal tool which assists the early stage masterplanning of industrial and commercial sites, and will benefit users across the industry.

The tool unlocks maximum site value by ensuring that all viable options for given briefing parameters are explored, and the optimum option chosen.

Full cost appraisals are made available, and changes can be effected in real time enabling swift comparison of options. We are offering Mosaic-i on a consultancy basis looking to work with industry professional to enhance your capabilities and outputs.

Here is a link to a quick demonstration - Industrial Master Planning - Introduction

Residential Master Planning
In Development

A software tool that will determine the optimum masterplan for any residential development.


The software provides  site layout, cost appraisal, optimised profit analysis and phasing planning, using house typologies that are determined on a case by case basis, or by Client preference.


All known site constraints, planning requirements etc can be built into the model, and full option scenarios prepared for a range of density and value parameters.

Space Planning
In Development

We are currently developing a commercial space planning tool that will prepare  space plans for  landlords, tenants and developers.


The tool will also provide risk evaluation for environmental performance and well being, as well as demonstrating the  impact of posrt covid space planning measures on potential  plan layouts, densities etc.


The project is part funded by Innovate UK, and is being prepared in conjunction with Workplace Futures Group.