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London Stansted Airport - Baggage Upgrade

Standard 3 Upgrade Project

Gebler Tooth Architects were appointed as the overall design integrator/coordinator for the STN Standard 3 Upgrade Project by BUK, who were the Principal Contractor for Stansted Airport.

GTA responsibilities throughout the design stage were to;

- Define the Baggage Hall Fire Strategy, including gaining agreement from authorities for MoE routes, Fire Signage, Bump Protection requirements.

- Lead the design for the new steel mezzanine floor to be installed to the existing baggage hall, which would cover the complete departures area.

- Lead all non-baggage disciplines (MEP, Steelwork, Fire) to ensure that the design solutions from each discipline were integrated into the pre-construction model with the baggage system components.

- Construct and manage the integrated model file for all disciplines including baggage, thereafter identify and eliminate constraints/clashes from the overall design by analysis of the model throughout the design phase.

- Architectural design for new Out of Gauge baggage line enclosures within the check-in area and design of new HBS Screening Room Facility


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Baggage Systems

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