London Olympics, Heathrow

Gebler Tooth worked closely with Heathrow to deliver a temporary terminal solely for use by athletes in the run up to, and departing, the Games. Our team worked with multiple stakeholders in order to plan, simulate and organize check in facilities for the thousands of athletes leaving the games.

Using our unique simulation software and our experience in dealing with stakeholders, we were able to provide capacity planning and solutions for dealing with thousands of athletes and their bags. The Gebler Tooth team also devised new processes such as offsite bag check-in, in addition to solving the problem of how to store some 7,000 bags, and then screen them, within the limited space of Heathrow. This involved in-depth negotiation with the Department of Transport and their relevant counterparts overseas and a review of the make-up and full can storage plans.

Our stakeholder management improved efficiency within the temporary activities, provided a great passenger experience and case study for the airport and broke ground in the way that bags and check-in can be managed in difficult circumstances.