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Katara Cinema Complex - Doha

Doha, Qatar


Architecture & Interiors

2012 Olympic Games Terminal, London Heathrow - De Boer UK.jpg

Based on our work with redefining what you get when you go to the cinema in the UK we were approached by the Qatar Film Corporation in 2018 to design for them the most prestigious multi-screen cinema complex in the Gulf in Doha. This is currently on-site and will be open in the later part of 2020, to be the showcase of the Doha Film Festival which brings Hollywood, Bollywood and Nollywood to one place! For the first time, we can do something which we have long cherished and bring private boxes to a cinema for the ultimate personal experience in a public space which has chimed with local sensibilities perfectly. The architectural language is aligned to a sense of place with a bit of the glamour of 1920’s Los Angeles. And as requested it will provide a full-on red-carpet showcase and regal accommodation.

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