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Cecconi's, West Hollywood

West Hollywood, LA


Architecture & Interiors

2012 Olympic Games Terminal, London Heathrow - De Boer UK.jpg

In 2008 we were looking at many sites for Soho House worldwide, including Melbourne, Istanbul, Berlin, Chicago and Miami. Some were executed but we do not have space to show everything. Of them all however the most exciting we feel were the two LA projects.

​Soho House acquired the lease of 8764 Melrose in West Hollywood, previously Morton’s Restaurant. It was a large corner site and typically for LA had a lot of external space for service and parking, so there was plenty of scope to enlarge and create landscape. Originally the plan was to turn the site into the Los Angeles Soho House. As with Shoreditch a better site then appeared, so we did a Cecconis Restaurant instead. Much of the visual language from Mayfair was applied, but on a larger scale. The notion of inside/outside connectivity was amplified as befits the California climate and enabled by the amount of external space available, so in addition to the complete reconstruction internally we inserted similar bronze French doors to Mayfair and built a new external terrace with retractable fabric roofs over.

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