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Baggage System Upgrades, Terminal 4, Heathrow - Gebler Tooth

Baggage System Upgrades,

Terminal 4, Heathrow

Expansion of the baggage capability of T4 to meet growing Premium Airline requirements and add longevity to the Terminal.

We have been involved with Terminal 4 baggage since 1993 during that time we have completed a wide number of projects; firstly for British Airways when they were the major occupant, and latterly to enable the Terminal to accept the challenge of multiple handlers and airlines, with larger aircraft (A380). This has included HBS Standard 2 installation (and now Standard 3), sorter replacements, installation of container stillage, additional reclaim belts and the complete refurbishment of the Reclaim Hall. In all cases we have provided Architecture, Roads and Traffic design, Fire Strategy, Stakeholder Engagement, Process Design.

Capacity analysis for make up planning, reclaim belt allocation planning and traffic management has also been provided.








Baggage Systems

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