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Dean Street - Soho House - Gebler Tooth

Dean Street - Soho House

A boutique hotel and restaurant in the heart of Soho. The buildings comprised two townhouses 67, 69 and 71. The buildings had been used as offices so were in very poor condition.

Using archive photos, we were able to reinstate much of the original Georgian interior to link the remaining fragments and by building two new glass lift shafts to the rear restore much of the room shapes to create the bedrooms upstairs. 71 provided the best place to put the hotel reception so that the ground floor of 67 and 69 could accommodate the restaurant. All the back of house and kitchens are in the basement which we extended to occupy the entire footprint and vaults under the street and mews to the side, which solved a number of servicing issues.  Executed 2007 to 2009, opening in November 2009. 








Architecture & Interiors

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