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Working Title Films

West London


Architecture & Interiors

2012 Olympic Games Terminal, London Heathrow - De Boer UK.jpg

Gebler Tooth has had a long and creative relationship with Working Title spanning over 15 years. In our most recent appointment, the concept was to create an evolutionary office environment that allows flexibility and ease of interaction across the various departments and to adapt to the vibrant and creative culture that is Working Title.

The contemporary redesign of ten thousand square feet of office space and associated accommodation for their headquarters and production facility in Marylebone, West London included cellular and open plan office space, meeting areas, breakout and kitchen spaces, waiting areas along with sound-proof editing suites adjacent to a state of the art screening room finished to a high standard; complete with its bar.

Working Title was keen to embrace a bold, wider palate of colours and textures, where each office space holds its colour theme from the cupboards to office furniture.

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