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Kilo Apron Development, VCC

Heathrow Airport


Architectural Design | Infrastructure

2012 Olympic Games Terminal, London Heathrow - De Boer UK.jpg

GTA provided the complete production design and construction support. Our Client was Ferrovial Construction.

The Kilo Apron Development was delivered by our client, Ferrovial Construction for Heathrow Airport Limited. It covered a number of projects across the Apron and in T2B which we were involved in.

VCC 235:

The design of the new Vertical Circulation Core 235 (VCC 235) is based on the existing VCC’s in the T2B Pier and uses matching materials to ensure continuity of quality and character in the terminal. A link bridge leads to the new VCC which guides passengers in a safe and controlled environment. Arriving passengers enter on the 1st floor and take the lift or elevator to the 2nd floor. Departing passengers check in on Level 10 and board via air bridges on the same floor.

External cladding includes precast concrete panels at low levels with composite metal panels & glazed panels at higher levels. Internally the finishes are standard front of house finishes which include glazed clad walls, metal plank ceilings and stone tiled floors. Check-in to VCC will utilise automated self-boarding gates.

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