Best Change of Use Award Winners 2015

GTA team at LABC Awards

Gebler Tooth Architects are delighted to have been awarded the LABC’s London Region Building Excellence Award for ‘Best change of use of an existing building’ for the Shoreditch House project.

We were pleased to be recognised for the merit of the design and the all-round competence of what we do. Hackney Building Control approached us to submit the Shoreditch House project because the award recognises, really successful architecture is not just the product of an eye-catching concept but of the ability of the architect and the project team to work together constructively with a lot of people not least the planning and regulatory authorities. The LABC award explicitly celebrates the success of those working partnerships equally with design, craftsmanship, technical innovation and overcoming challenges of conversion and reuse and the sustainability value of successfully breathing new life into old buildings.

The Soho House project re-conceived and adapted 3 floors of an industrial building, on Shoreditch High Street, into a private members club for creative professionals.