Our Work & Play team has a passionate interest in the design and function of interior space, engaging with both the interior, by virtue of designing an entirely new building, as well as conversing with an existing building, to enlarge, extend and rearrange the space to create better working and living environments. Each project has its own unique challenges and opportunities, but regardless of the nature of use, there are always key criteria that underpin the work. We ensure the design of clear spaces with a natural, sequential layout, creating variation in volume and height to generate a journey through space.


Blue-Sky Thinking

Workspace & Media

Working Title Films HQ, London Working Title Films HQ, London

Hospitality & Leisure

High Road House, Chiswick Cecconis, Mayfair Shoreditch House, London


Team GB House - 2012 London Olympics Football Association HQ, Wembley Stadium Football Association HQ, Wembley Stadium


Heathrow Express, Paddington PRT - Heathrow Pod