Unlike many building types, where the emphasis is on the creation of built form and static spaces, the design of airports is based on an understanding of the dynamics of the passenger and baggage process with the focus on flow patterns and key transactions. We understand this and the complex inter relationship between passengers, airlines, handlers, control authorities, and airport operators.

We recognise that process is king; customer experience and smooth process are more important than architectural statement.

Designing for live operational environments and integrating new facilities into existing operational environments is our forte. We are familiar with all aviation processes, and relish the challenges of designing buildings and facilities for them, be it working with existing buildings, adapting them for changing use and designing facilities that include such flexibility. We pride ourselves on our ability to optimise facilities for use, minimising waste in design, construction and use. We ensure that the life cycle of the facility is considered in design, and featured in any design and development debate.


Passenger Terminal, Kuwait International Airport

Sao Nicolau Airport, Cape Verde

Olympic Games Terminal, Heathrow

PRT – Heathrow Pod