With our understanding of airports and the complex inter relationship between passengers, airlines, handlers, control authorities, and airport operators we are able to offer support for aviation projects from initial capacity planning, through process development, all the way through project design and implementation stages to testing, commissioning and handover to live operations.

We have over twenty years of continuous experience working at Heathrow Airport, and are Framework specialist designers working for both Heathrow Airport Limited and British Airways. We have carried out projects at all major hub airports in the UK, many regionals, and a significant number of airports around the world in Australia, South East Asia, Africa and Europe.

Aviation projects are driven by an understanding of process; Gebler Tooth have specialist process designers who assist in design and definition of all airport passenger, baggage and stakeholder processes, forming the solid foundation for projects.

We utilise capacity planning and forecasting expertise from our partner company AIQ to ensure the design and briefing process is robust.

Baggage Systems

Baggage System, Terminal 2,  Heathrow

BIM Modelling

Capacity Planning



Passenger Terminal, Kuwait International Airport PRT - Heathrow Pod


Operational Planning

Roads & Traffic

Design and Stakeholder Management